Monday, May 7, 2012

To Tweet or Not To Tweet

Hi everyone! As of one hour ago, I’ve signed up for Twitter.


and my sassy Twitter pic looks like this:

Although I might change the pic because I look kind of mean  J

How many of you use Twitter and what do you tweet about? Since I’m new, I’m looking for advice and people to follow. Leave a comment with your Twitter username and I’ll start following you!


  1. Yay! I just started using Twitter, too, and I'll definitely follow you. I've been following mainly bloggers and authors and seeing who they follow. It seems like it could be a lot of fun! My name is @cappuccinobooks.

  2. i haven't been on twitter long either. like meredith i follow mostly other writers and bloggers, it's a great way to get to know people. i'm @prernapickett

  3. Welcome! I tweet mostly about book and blog posts or talk to author and other book bloggers. Sometimes I tweet whatever pops into my mind, but there is nobody there to tell. Also about what I'm listening to. Following you! My handle is @safaripoet

    Safari Poet

  4. I don't use Twitter much except to funnel my blog and Facebook posts through it. I'm on Twitter just a few minutes here or there so I tend to miss a lot. :(

  5. I'm horrible about tweeting, mostly links to my blog or a little something about what I'm reading, but I'll follow you!

  6. Found you there, and now following.

    I'll post blog links, either my own or blogs I found interesting, or articles. Beyond that, occasionally lines of dialogue or columns from a website that I'm part of the staff in...

  7. I'm following you on Twitter and welcome to the Twitterverse!


    Twitter: @CathrineGarnell

  8. Still learning. I don't quite get it. It can be a massive time drainer.

  9. I like enjoy and use twitter for me blog updates and other a sundry things. I think its pretty fun, if used in the right context and not overdone. If I were you I'd change the photo, though you look very pretty, I agree you also look a bit mean or maybe mad! :-)

  10. heehe for the last month or so my tweets have been super emo b/c I've been going through some persona life drama. I don't recommend this for authors of course :P

    and omg why do you have word verification on?????


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