Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Editing for Your Publisher

I’m still in the process of my first round of edits, but I have to say…everything is going really well. I’d heard horror stories about publishers wanting huge changes and writers feeling like they’ve sold out, but all of Maria’s (now Karen’s) editorial suggestions are really insightful and helpful. I think I may have it done by Friday (Karen, if you’re reading this, don’t hold me to that). J

This is the part of the editing process that is the “big picture” stuff. After I turn in my edits, Karen will get more into specifics. After that, it’s onto the nit-picky line edit. I’ll keep you all posted about each step.

Back Friday!

Oh yeah, for some reason my computer isn’t letting me comment on other people’s blogs…I’m working on fixing that, so if I don’t comment back, sorry! I will as soon as I can.

Monday, May 23, 2011

I’m Back…With a Shiny New Editor

I’m still working on my edits, but I have some Harper Collins news…Maria Gomez is leaving. I know; it made me sad too. Maria is so awesome and really got behind my book (pretty sure she was the driving force behind my pre-empt offer). She’s leaving to pioneer Amazon’s new publishing venture. They’re branching out from a strictly self-publishing service to become a more traditional publisher.

Maria’s left me in good hands. My new editor is Karen Chaplin, who was already on my editorial team.

So, what does this mean for my book? Well, pretty much everything is the same. Same deadlines, same team, same enthusiasm, just a different first point of contact. The news freaked me out a bit, but now that I’ve had time to process, I’m good. It’s better to have a new editor at the beginning of the series than halfway through, that’s for sure!

Back Wednesday!