Monday, September 12, 2011

Editing is Hard!

I know...most of you are thinking, "Duh!" But really, it is. You take something that you love, and mold it into something else (hopefully that you love as well.)

When you edit for yourself, you're completely in charge. When you edit for a group...well, you're still in charge...but when you edit for a publisher you lose some of that control. Not that it's completely a bad thing but it's definitely difficult for someone to tell you they want something done that you yourself didn't think of. I'm learning a lot from this experience, namely, how to be a better writer. How to think, parden the cliche, outside of the box...or  I guess more outside of the book.

What about you all, any good editing experiences, bad ones?

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Back From the Fringe

Hi everyone. I just got back from the Fringe Festival in Scotland...thanks for not robbing my house while I was gone :) Edinburgh is an awesome city, really inspiring. I love going there.

What cities/places inspire you?

Since Monday is a holiday I'll be back the week after with another (longer, I promise) post.