Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Never Judge a Book by its Cover

So it seems my holiday blog break has gone on a little longer than anticipated. I'm working on a bunch of different things getting ready for 2015. I've also been reading a ton. I just read the GONE series by Michael Grant and these books are amazing! There are six, and they're longish, but really you'll just fly through them.

Gone (Gone, #1)

I heard good things about the first book when it first came out six years ago, but I didn't actually pick it up until I was at a conference with Michael Grant and EVERYONE was talking about how I MUST READ this series. I hate to admit this, but the reason I didn't pick it up all those years ago was because of the cover. I honestly thought it would be a Christian romance. Not that I have anything against Christian romances, but I prefer Sci-fi or Fantasy. So I almost missed out on this awesome series because of the cover...even though we all learn as children not to judge a book by it' cover.

What about you guys...have you ever passed on a book because of the cover? Have you ever bought a book just because you loved the cover?

Okay, I'll be back when I have more news to share!