Friday, August 31, 2012

IN THE AFTER Release date

In the After has a release date…

June 25, 2013

Woohoo! I’m so excited to actually have a birthday for my book. J

Also, thanks to everyone who responded to my last post. Opinions seem to be unanimous… stick to the author twitter account and don’t add a book twitter account.

Happy long weekend, everyone! Back Wednesday!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

To Tweet or Not to Tweet (Part 2)

I need some twitter advice.
I was thinking about starting another twitter account for my book, In the After. I think you have to set up an entirely different account though, and log in and out each time you want to tweet. What do people think? Does anyone have more than one twitter account? Has it been effective? Does it drive you crazy?

Monday, August 27, 2012

Books I Love – Z for Zachariah by Robert C. O’Brien


Is anyone out there?

Ann Burden is sixteen years old and completely alone. The world as she once knew it is gone, ravaged by a nuclear war that has taken everyone from her. For the past year, she has lived in a remote valley with no evidence of any other survivors.

But the smoke from a distant campfire shatters Ann's solitude. Someone else is still alive and making his way toward the valley. Who is this man? What does he want? Can he be trusted? Both excited and terrified, Ann soon realizes there may be worse things than being the last person on Earth.

This is an oldie but a goodie. I love the premise (my own book touches on what it’s like to be alone in a world that has fallen apart) and how scary this world is without zombies, aliens, or vampires. Ann is compelling, strong yet lonely. I also like that it’s minimalistic; there are basically three characters in the entire book, and one of those is a dog. I would recommend this to anyone who likes post-apocalyptic fiction.

Has anyone else read this one? I know it's not for person's review on amazon was that they didn't like it because the main character wasn't named Zachariah J

Friday, August 24, 2012


My blog reached 300 followers last night and I just wanted to say thank you. I imagine you all look like this:


Just kidding!

I really do appreciate all of you. You guys are awesome…eat a cookie, you deserve it. J
It's also kind of cool that this is my 100th Blog Post.

Thanks again and I'll be back Monday!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I’m a Lucky 13!

I joined a group called the Lucky 13s, a group of YA and MG authors with books debuting in 2013. So far, there are 120 members, so check out their blog, there’s something for everyone. You can also find them on twitter @TheLucky13s.

It’s been really fun to connect with other authors who are also newbies. It’s nice to hear what they’re going through and thinking, “I went through that,” or “I guess I know what’s in store for me next.”

Okay, I’ll stop gushing about the Lucky 13s. Do you guys have any favorite blogs that are written by a group of authors?

Monday, August 20, 2012

Seconds Anyone?

In writing the second book in my In the After series I’m really trying to make it live up to the first one. I want it to be just as fast-paced and engrossing (that’s just my humble opinion of the first book J ) but to be a completely unique story as well.

So I tried to think of books that were second in a series that were as good as or even better than the first books. Here are three I could think of.

I know, I know... Fire is a prequel, but it’s still a second book.

What about you? What second books do you love?

Friday, August 17, 2012

My Favorite Books to Re-read

I’m currently re-reading Lauren DeStefano’s Wither before I read Fever. I like to re-read the first books in a series before I continue on, to refresh my memory but also to get that enjoyment that comes with the knowledge that the story continuation is only pages away.

There are some book series that I re-read at least once a year, even though no new books have been produced. These are my favorite and include Garth Nix’s The Abhorsen Trilogy and Jonathan Stroud’s The Bartimaeus Series. I’ll probably be adding the Hunger Games to this list as well.

What are your favorite books to re-read?

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Post-apocalyptic Make-over

I’ve changed the look of my blog quite a bit. I liked my old look but it didn’t really scream: Post-apocalyptic debut author. I’ve taken away the nice, soothing light blue and added some cracked concrete. I wanted to represent my genre a bit better with a harsher, starker look.  What do people think?

What does your blog theme say about you? Does it represent yourself or your writing in any way?

Also, check out Melanie Crowder’s cover reveal of Parched.

Back Friday!

Monday, August 13, 2012

IN THE AFTER – In the Flap

This is the short synopsis that will be inside the flap for In the After…what do you guys think?

attack. not isolated. fate of americans unknown.
Amy is watching TV when it happens, when the world is attacked by Them. These vile creatures are rapidly devouring mankind. Most of the population is overtaken, but Amy manages to survive—and even rescue “Baby,” a toddler she finds in an abandoned supermarket. Marooned in Amy’s house, the girls do everything they can to survive—and avoid Them at all costs.
After years of hiding, they are miraculously rescued and taken to New Hope, a colony of survivors living in a former government research compound. While at first the colony seems like a dream with plenty of food, safety, and shelter, New Hope slowly reveals that it is far from ideal. And Amy soon realizes that unless things change, she’ll lose Baby—and much more.
Rebellious, courageous, and tender, this unforgettable duo will have you on the edge of your seat as you tear through the pulse-pounding narrow escapes and horrifying twists of fate in this thrilling debut from author Demitria Lunetta.
I’m completely biased, but I love it! I would totally want to read this book…even if I hadn’t written it. J

Have you guys read any compelling book flaps lately that made you absolutely have to read a book?

Friday, August 10, 2012

I Like You…Will You Like Me?

 My facebook fan page is up and running. You can still friend me, of course, but any likes would be greatly appreciated.

It’s strange to ask people to like you on facebook…I feel like I need to write up a personal ad inspired spiel…

Female writer seeks facebook fondness. Enjoys young adult fiction, post-apocalyptic scenarios, and long walks on the beach. Would love for you to like me.

If you also have a fan page, leave a comment and I’ll like you back. I mean, what’s not to like? J

Also, there’s a first look at the cover of THE KEY & THE FLAME by Claire Caterer & an ARC giveaway at IceyBooks!
Back Monday with the longer teaser for In the After!

Monday, August 6, 2012

In the After in Three Lines

They hear the most silent of footsteps.
They are faster than anything you’ve ever seen.
And They won’t stop chasing you until you are dead.

When I read this I got chills.

I know, I wrote the book and all, but these three lines (that are going to be on the back cover of In the After) capture the tone perfectly. Creepy and intriguing.J
This is just a taste, so check in next Monday for the inside flap summary.