Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Happy Holloween everyone. In case you missed it yesterday, here's my wonderfully creepy cover for IN THE AFTER!!!!

What do people think? I'll be back Friday to tell you why I love it :)
And don't forget to enter for a chance to win an ARC!
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Monday, October 29, 2012

IN THE AFTER Cover Reveal Tuesday


I know I said I wouldn't be back until next week, but I got the go ahead from HarperTeen to reveal my cover!!!

You can see it tomorrow on IceyBooks and I'll post it here Wednesday. I'll be tweeting about it tomorrow too so don't forget to stop by @demitrialunetta!


Friday, October 19, 2012

Finishing Up Book 2!

I'm working on finishing up book 2 for my November 1st deadline so I'm going to be out of commision for the next two weeks. I'll be back Monday, November 5th (probably after sleeping for five days straight).

I'll still be around on twitter and commenting on blogs though, so if you spot me, yell at me to get back to work :) 

Monday, October 15, 2012

October = Zombie Love

The Walking Dead was back on Sunday with an awesome new episode…and I also got the 8th installment in the Walking Dead comic book series.


October is a great month for zombies, and I recently watched a few movies that I’d never seen before. Each of these is a unique take on the genre.


Fido –Timmy is delighted with the family's first zombie, whom he names Fido. Fido becomes Timmy's best friend, and runs afoul of prejudice, circumstance, hardware faults in the Zomcon collars, and neighborhood bullies.


Undead – A quaint Australian fishing village is overcome by meteorites that turn its residents into the ravenous undead, leaving a small group of those unharmed to find a way out.


Survival of the Dead – On an island off the coast of North America, local residents simultaneously fight a zombie epidemic while hoping for a cure to return their un-dead relatives back to their human state.


Has anyone seen any of these? What did you think…or do you have a favorite that you want to recommend?

Friday, October 12, 2012

Inspiration for IN THE AFTER

Over at the 2K13 site we've all posted our inspirations for our books. Wanna read mine? Visit my blog post here. And while you're over there check out our prize pack...we each put in something that relates to our books. If you like what you see, (and really, who wouldn't?) you can enter our giveaway on facebook.

What about you all? What inspired your current WIP?


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Class of 2K13 Site Launch Tomorrow

Don't forget to stop by the Class of 2K13 site launch tomorrow for a huge giveaway that includes a $50 B&N gift card and tons of extras. We'll also be posting our book inspirations. Mine will be up there too. I'll also be tweeting from @theclassof2K13 from noon to 4pm, so check in with me on twitter.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Pre-order IN THE AFTER

IN THE AFTER is available for Pre-order on Amazon!

If you shop on Amazon, stop by this page and click Like...and I wouldn't turn down any pre-orders either!  I was the very first person to like it...is it weird that I also pre-ordered it? J


Friday, October 5, 2012

Swag 101

In dealing with Classof2K13 there was a lot of debate about what swag items are actually effective marketing devices for books/authors. I would like to have bookmarks to give out for my book…but what else would be good to have?

What swag items do you hold on to and which do you toss?
What’s the best swag item you’ve ever gotten?

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

In the Home Stretch(ish)

I’m now on part three of the three part book two. It feels really amazing to have book two almost completed. I know (just like with In the After) they’ll be edits, line edits, copy edits, galley pages, and a million other things I have to do before it’s ready, but right now it feels really good to have a story on paper (or more accurately, on monitor).

Where is everyone at with their WIPs?

I’m still over at @TheClassof2K13 on twitter today, so come check us out.

Back Friday!


Monday, October 1, 2012

Class of 2K13!



I was lucky enough to join this group of  twenty YA and MG writers with books debuting in 2013. Our site launch is on October 10th and there will be an awesome giveaway, so I wanted to let everyone know so they can mark their calendars and visit our site:  www.classof2K13.com

Until then, check out our books on goodreads follow us on our brand new facebook fan page, and on twitter @TheClassOf2K13 for updates and giveaway news. I’ll be tweeting for the group tomorrow and Wednesday, so stop by and say hi.