Friday, April 11, 2014

YA Event in Arlington Heights on Sat April 12th

Meet four YA authors and learn about their writings-Apr 12

Imagine a world where dry land is at a premium and humanity must begin living underwater...or where a test doesn't just determine whether you pass or fail, but whether you live or die...or where the planet is invaded by terrifying creatures, and you must fight to survive... Welcome to the dark, thrilling worlds created by Kat Falls, Joelle Charbonneau, Demitria Lunetta and Elizabeth Fama, authors of the dystopian novels, Dark Life, Rip Tide, Inhuman, The Testing, In the After, and Plus One. The writers take us on adventures that are beyond our imagination but closer to real life than we might want to think. Learn where they get their ideas, what it is like to be a published author, and behind the scenes details of the novels.
Copies of their books will be available for purchase at the event, and there will be a opportunity to ask questions and have books signed. For teens and adults.
Date and Time: Saturday, April 12, 1:30–3 p.m.
Location: Arlington Heights Memorial Library - Hendrickson Room
  500 N. Dunton Avenue, Arlington Heights, IL 60004-5910
Tel: 847-392-0100 / Fax: 847-506-2650


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