Friday, March 22, 2013

The Blog Chain - Genres I Love

The Blog Chain topic this week is:
What elements in your favorite genre make it your favorite?

I read almost anything, as long as it can hold my attention, but my absolute favorite genres are Science Fiction & Fantasy. Here’s why...

I was hooked on Sci-fi from the first time I saw Star Trek (yes, The Next Generation) on television. As a child I was enthralled by the amount of imagination it took to envision the future. I started reading the old school Sci-fi books around my house and was hooked. Spaceships, androids, aliens, crazy dystopian societies, the ending of the world; all of it fascinates me. I feel YA Sci-fi especially has fresh takes on the genre and keeps it fresh. Sure, there are a ton of YA Sci-fi books out there (mine soon to be included among them), but none of them are the same and I can’t wait to get my hands on the next one.

My love for Fantasy echoes my feelings for Sci-fi. I’d read and re-read The Lion, the Witch, & the Wardrobe as a child and wanted to imagine my own worlds where animals could talk or evil needed to be vanquished. I love reading/writing Fantasy because the possibilities are endless. If you want people to have wings, bam, they have wings. Unicorns, dragons, centaurs? Bam, no problem! I also like that Fantasy usually incorporates a journey into the plot. Love when characters have to travel great distances to overcome overwhelming odds.

Keep following this topic on the chain and check out Michelle’s blog on Monday, or look back at Katrina's post from yesterday.

What are your favorite genres and why?

Also guys, check out this awesome countdown widget that Harper Teen made for my book…pretty cool, right? J



  1. Woot! Awesome countdown and buy widget! I looked for your book at NetGalley, but couldn't find it. I guess I have to wait like everybody else. *sigh* I love everything you just mentioned, but you already know that from my pictures post. So we differ on tropes but synchronize in our love for scifi/fantasy. I'll take it!

    1. Hi Katrina! Thanks! Also, I don't think Harper uses NetGalley anymore...think they only used Edelweiss now. I'm not sure how they're differet, but here's a very long link to my book on Edelweiss :)

  2. I love the sci-fi/fantasy genre, too! (Although I tend to skew more toward the fantasy/horror side of things...heh.) There's just so much creativity in this genre, and I can't help but love how much more deeply certain themes can be explored in it, like what it means to be human...

  3. I'm a fantasy nut, for sure. Something about being swept away to a different, magical world always sounds refreshing to me :) Oh, and following back! :D

  4. I love fantasy/sci-fi. The possibilities are endless in these genres! :D

  5. I like middle grade fantasy - like the books Rick Riordan writes. I guess that's because I'm still a kid at heart.

  6. For me, it's the spy genre. Double dealing, action oriented, and yet methodical and intensely based in character.

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