Wednesday, August 29, 2012

To Tweet or Not to Tweet (Part 2)

I need some twitter advice.
I was thinking about starting another twitter account for my book, In the After. I think you have to set up an entirely different account though, and log in and out each time you want to tweet. What do people think? Does anyone have more than one twitter account? Has it been effective? Does it drive you crazy?


  1. I'm sure you're familiar with certain authors creating twitter handles for their characters and even though it can be easy to switch off if you're doing things mobile, I think you risk missing followers on your central account when you're off tweeting from another. I also think the only successful character handles on twitter are parodic.

    Also, when it comes time for your next book and all that follow, you might feel expected to rinse and repeat with a new handle and it might just become more burdening than fun.

    I think you're best off with a single account and spreading the good word. Let your super-mega-obsessed readers do all the extra fan accounts for you. =]

    I'm interested in seeing what others think!

    Adam Silvera, @AdamSilvera

  2. I'd stick with a single account. Work on developing your brand and getting your name out there. There are so many different networking platforms that creating more than one account on each seems like it could be overkill. Do you have a tumblr yet? I've just started looking into setting one up myself.

  3. My blog buddy Patrick Dilloway has like seventeen twitter accounts. I think twitter is kinda dumb lol

  4. I suggest sticking with one account and making sure your book promotions are spread out among your other tweets/conversations. People don't follow accounts that are pure promotion. And I think I saw advice somewhere just this week that suggested no more than 1 promotional tweet out of 10. Let me see if I can go find the link ...

    Okay, here it is:

  5. As a reader as well as a writer, I tend to like to follow an author, not a project. I agree with Dianne that it would feel like a promotion, not like following a person. Plus I'd be unlikely to follow the book itself knowing that I'd have "twitter clutter" to clean up when you moved on to the next thing.

  6. I would stick with the single account.