Friday, August 10, 2012

I Like You…Will You Like Me?

 My facebook fan page is up and running. You can still friend me, of course, but any likes would be greatly appreciated.

It’s strange to ask people to like you on facebook…I feel like I need to write up a personal ad inspired spiel…

Female writer seeks facebook fondness. Enjoys young adult fiction, post-apocalyptic scenarios, and long walks on the beach. Would love for you to like me.

If you also have a fan page, leave a comment and I’ll like you back. I mean, what’s not to like? J

Also, there’s a first look at the cover of THE KEY & THE FLAME by Claire Caterer & an ARC giveaway at IceyBooks!
Back Monday with the longer teaser for In the After!


  1. Found you and liked! Congrats!!! Very exciting news.


  2. Found you there and liked.

    I've got my writer's page up there too. I use it mostly for adding blog links to.

  3. Hi Demitria,
    Thanks for your comment on Sneak a Peek: Aussie Authors at Work. Are you an Aussie too?
    I liked your page.

    Here's mine!/pages/The-Unhewn-Stone/280284808665053

    I write YA Historical Fantasy, Middle Graders, Mainstream Sci-Fi

  4. Hi Demitria -

    Thanks for visiting my blog today. I found your facebook page and liked you (Sounds like we're in grade school again, doesn't it?) :)

    Here's my page:

    I also followed you on Twitter.

    Michelle :)

  5. Hey, Demitria. Thanks for the blog follow and comment at! I'm still new at all this Facebook page stuff, having just started my page less than a month ago at Any tips?

    - Jeff

    1. I just started my fan page too. I'd say get all your friends and family to like it first...that gives you a little fan page boost :)