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Demitria Lunetta is the author of the YA sci-fi duology, IN THE AFTER and IN THE END, available now from HarperTeen. She is also and editor and contributing author for the YA anthology, AMONG THE SHADOWS: 13 STORIES OF DARKNESS AND LIGHT. Her next novel, BAD BLOOD will release from Delacorte/ Random House March 14, 2017.

IN THE AFTER is an ABA (American Booksellers Association) 2013 ABC Best Books for Children and has been chosen as an Amazon Top Twenty Teen Book for 2013.

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  1. Hi there! :D My name is Khanh and I absolutely love how uniquely written your books are. ^_^ Do you happen to have any bookmarks? :) If you do, do you think you could maybe mail me a signed one? :) That'd be amazing! :D <3 Keep writing! ^_^ <3

  2. hey...DAVID from WWW.DAVIDSBOOKTALK.COM..i do author interviews..would love to talk to you about IN THE AFTER..i do phone interviews for the site..your book sounds great..

  3. hey im Laura and i absolutely love your book In The After its my all time favourite book and i jus wanted to thank you for sharing that story with the world it was such a gorgeous novel :) i wrote a review of it on my website it would be so wonderful if you read it its not nearly as well written as anything of yours but personally i feel honored to even speak the same language as you (that sounded creepy im sorry)

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  5. Hello my name is Lyndsey Coronado
    I don't do much reading , In fact I don't read at all ,but your two books "In The After" &' "In The End" are most addicting favorite books i'v laid eyes on , I'd Like to thank my teacher for introducing these books to me . i'v taken so much interest into your books , i'd love to know if there well be a part three ,I know its best to leave the book end like that but i'd also love to see where Amy's relationship goes with Jacks &' Rice . if you could please take the time to answer my question i'd really appreciate your kindness .

    (Coronado.rz99@gmail.com) <--- my email address or find me google
    @ (nessaxco@gmail.com)

    your newsest Fan Lyndsey Coronao.

  6. Hello Ma'am. It's delightful to be writing to you. I'm a teen girl and I love your work. I was hoping if you would agree to an online interview as it's my hobby to interview my favorite authors. I'm eager about knowing the success story behind your work.
    I'd be thankful to you if you grant me this huge opportunity to interview you. All the best.
    Thanking You.
    With all due Respect and love,

  7. I have to make a presentation about you at school in a week but i don't know enought about you in as an author. Do you mind puting a little bit more about you on your blog, please??

  8. Dear Demitria Lunetta,

    In the interest of deepening my knowledge on your book, I have a few questions to help me understand this suspenseful and frightening story of survival that you call In The After. Take note that I’m not that far into your book, page 81 to be exact, but I really like it.
    So far, I have really enjoyed how the main characters, Amy and Baby, are so willing to adapt to life in the after. It’s crazy to me how a young teenage girl with no guidance or anything survives all by herself and does everything to survive from foraging for food at overrun stores to starting a whole new language using her hands that only she and Baby can understand because she learned that They are attracted to noise. If you put yourself in her shoes, would you be able to do all the things that she does just to survive? I know some authors see themselves as the main character so I was just wondering if that was why you made Amy the way she is? When Amy and Baby see Amber in the grocery store, why didn’t you let Amy help her out? Amy only makes her “presence known to women, depending on how scrawny they look” and I’m pretty sure that Amber was weak and alone and begging for help so why didn’t she help her? Even though Amy ends up helping her on accident, why didn’t she just send her on her way after she fed and clothed her? Baby would’ve been heartbroken for sure, but wouldn’t it be better than risking both of their lives to help out some random stranger?
    This book has taught me that people are smarter than they seem when put to the test and to not give up when faced with a near impossible challenge: surving.

    Always a fan,
    Cole Roberts(14)

  9. Just started reading bad blood. Scotland is in my blood too. Always though we were descended from Ireland, but once I found out our last name is Scottish, I had to go and see what it was like. This summer will be the third time. All the places you mention I have been to except Skye--and it's where my ancestors are from. Love the Highlands. Thanks for this story about a place I consider a home away from home.

  10. hello my name is kitten like many other ive read your books in the after and in the end about three times each i just got into highschool the sec i got to the library i told them they had to buy these books (50% so i could read them over and over again) i just wanted to say thank you your books gave me a way out of life when it got pretty tough you probably saved alot of scars on my wrists from forming anyway thank you so much