Monday, September 24, 2012

Synopses Synapses

My brain is a bit fried, but I finished the second draft of my synopsis! It’s now running ten pages, but my agent is going to give it a look over and let me know if there’s anything that needs changing. After that, it’s off to Harper for approval.

I wonder if established authors still have to write synopses, or if J.K Rowling wants to write a book she says, “I have an idea…” and the publisher shouts, “Yes! Do it. Now!” and throws money at her. One day that will be me…J

So it’s back to book 2 for me, new chapters and editing. Back Friday with another ARC Spotlight.



  1. glad to hear it's coming along. And I think JK Rowling can get away with doing pretty much whatever she wants, and if she hates writing synopses then she doesn't have to.

  2. I am thinking that even J.K. Rowling has to produce a synopsis. Or at least explain her idea over the phone before the money throwing starts. LOL!

  3. Interestingly, this is the "new" approach I've decided to take with my writing--try producing a synopsis first. We'll see.... Glad you got yours done. :)

  4. Awesome you got throught it. Did you know you have word verification turned on?