Monday, September 17, 2012

Nyssa's Book Nook - The Maximum Ride Series by James Patterson

(Nyssa's Book Nook is a once a month guest contribution written by Demitria's awesome sister Nyssa Lunetta.)

Hey guys,

So my sister was feeling under the weather today and I volunteered to write a post about books that I really enjoy. She loved the idea so much, she asked if I wanted to do a once a month guest post. So here goes my first ever Nyssa's Book Book recommendation.

I am not a writer like her but I am an avid YA novel reader and would love to tell you about the books I have read and thoroughly enjoyed. The first book I want to share with you is The Maximum Ride Series by James Patterson. The series is an 8 part series. These books keep you in full suspense as a gang of genetically altered children fight for freedom, a place to call home, and for their lives. Below is a synopsis of the the first book. Maximum Ride-The Angel Experiment.

The funny thing about facing imminent death is that it really snaps everything else into perspective. Take right now, for instance.
Run! Come on, run! You know you can do it.
I gulped deep lungfuls of air. My brain was on hyperdrive; I was racing for my life. My one goal was to escape. Nothing else mattered.
My arms being scratched to ribbons by a briar I'd run through? No biggie.
My bare feet hitting every sharp rock, rough root, pointed stick? Not a problem.
My lungs aching for air? I could deal.
As long as I could put as much distance as possible between me and the Erasers.
Yeah, Erasers. Mutants: half-men, half-wolves, usually armed, always bloodthirsty. Right now they were after me.
See? That snaps everything into perspective.
Run. You're faster than they are. You can outrun anyone.
I'd never been this far from the School before. I was totally lost. Still, my arms pumped by my sides, my feet crashed through the underbrush, my eyes scanned ahead anxiously through the half-light. I could outrun them. I could find a clearing with enough space for me to—
Oh, no. Oh, no. The unearthly baying of bloodhounds on the scent wailed through the trees, and I felt sick. I could outrun men—all of us could, even Angel, and she's only six. But none of us could outrun a big dog.
Dogs, dogs, go away, let me live another day.

These books are fast-paced and exciting. The ideal is really original. You feel like you're a part of Max and the gang's world. You also care about the character. Check it out and I hope you find these books as enjoyable as I did. 

- Nyssa


  1. Good book review Nyssa! Hope Demitria feels better soon.

  2. This was an excellent review! Well wishes.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  3. Nyssa! Thank you so much for the guest post! I can't wait to see what you'll review next!