Monday, September 10, 2012

Half Italian + Half Greek = All Crazy

(This was originally posted in Nov. 2010, but since a lot of people have been asking me about my name lately, I thought I'd repost.)

So my name is a little odd, I'll admit.

Demitria is actually a fairly common Greek name, although I've seen it spelled Demetria more often than not. People sometimes drop the a and call me Demitri, which I'm pretty sure is Russian...and also masculine.

Lunetta is Italian and means little moon. I think this is also a first name, and sometime people think my name is Lunetta Demitria, instead of the other way around. Childhood was a little rough when everyone else is named Sara or Lisa or Anne.

So what does being half Greek and half Italian get you? Well, I'm extrememly passionate, but I can't cook. I've been to Italy and hope to make it to Greece soon. And (Sorry to all you Greeks out there) I much prefer Italian food. There's something about roasting a whole goat that puts me off.

Back Wednesday!


  1. I'm all for Italian food! :) And you have a really awesome name, it's much better than ordinary names! :)

  2. I can imagine that it was tough in the classroom as a child, with Lisa, Sara, Jessica, and all the rest of the trendy names. But now it pays off, because Demitria Lunetta is an author name people are going to remember!

  3. It's a good name. Distinctive.

    I use the masculine Demetrius for a Greek character late in my book, though I invariably ended up using mostly his last name.

  4. I hear you on having a "different" name--Rowenna isn't exactly normal :) Of course now all the kids have unique names, but when we were little, it wasn't like that!

  5. In all my overseas travels, I've discovered that Italian is the universal food.

  6. When I was 9 I fell in utter crush-love with the Greek-Italian boy in my 4th grade class and I didn't stop until he asked me to move into his locker in 10th grade and we fell in real-high-school-love.

    It ended by 11th grade, but the beginning of the tale is nice lol.