Monday, June 10, 2013

Printer's Row Recap

Printer's Row was so much fun. The panel I was on was a group of debut authors, each sharing their unique experiences on the road to publication. Here we all are:

The awesome Kate Hannigan was the moderator. Next to her is Tom Watson, author of STICK DOG. Then Nancy Cavanaugh, who's debut novel THIS JOURNAL BELONGS TO RATCHET received a starred Kirkus review. Then is me and at the end is Eileen Meyer, who navigated the publishing process without an agent. Her debut picture book is called WHO'S FASTER? ANIMALS ON MOVE. It was fun to hear everyone's different journey to publication.

I also got to do my first panel signing...of a bookplate!

Back Wednesday with an ARC Spotlight!


  1. So sorry I had to pull out of this. It sounds like it was great!

    1. Liesl! You were missed...I know Kate has another debut panel in the works for July...maybe you'll be free for that one?

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