Wednesday, June 19, 2013

IN THE AFTER on Epic Reads

IN THE AFTER is all over Epic Reads this week...


How would you survive the apocalypse? Take the IN THE AFTER quiz and find out which of your skills would be most useful. Would you take charge, rely on others, or try to find the solution? Are you a doer, a chameleon, or a thinker? Visit Epic Reads to take the quiz...then post your results in comments!

Also check out the IN THE AFTER Playlist here. IN THE AFTER doesn’t have a lot of music in it, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have a soundtrack. Songs have so much power, they can be so vital to experiencing raw emotion. This playlist is full of songs that echo a character’s emotion/mental state. To represent the apocalypse I chose a lot of the gritty nineties songs I love, but acoustic versions that seem more honest. I also picked a few covers that made me rethink a much-loved original, making it new and fresh and fitting.

And while you're on Epic Reads, browse inside IN THE AFTER and read the first 90 pages!


IN THE AFTER is out on Tuesday, so mark your calendars!


  1. That playlist is awesome! Makes me even more curious to read this book! :D

  2. Just took the quiz, and apparently I'm "clever and wily." XD

    Also, loving your playlist! A nice chunk of those songs are ones I own and love. :)