Monday, November 5, 2012

Writing vs. Editing

I just turned my first draft of book 2 in last week and am happy to have a few days off before I dig into editing. I learned A LOT from editing the first book, and where as editing used to be really intimidating, I’m looking forward to starting my book 2 revision.

I know some people absolutely hate editing and some people love it. How do you feel? Is editing harder than writing?

Also, IN THE AFTER is now available for pre-order on Barnes& Noble so check it out! J


  1. I'm a pantser, so editing is easier simply due to the fact that I already know what the story is about :)

  2. I agree with 1000th.monkey on the editing.

    I'm not a big fan of pre-ordering, but I will definitely get your book for my daughter when it comes out. It sounds like her kind of book. :)

  3. Editing is a lot more fun for than getting the first draft done. I'm also a pantser.

  4. Demetria,

    I enjoy writing -- but I really love editing! And especially love helping skilled writers by polishing their prose so they can shine even more brilliantly.

  5. It can be. I'm now sort of post editing, with what my readers have sent to me, and what I've done myself, and into final polishes.