Friday, November 9, 2012

E-reader Advice

So I’m finally going to get an e-reader!


But there are a lot of choices and I’d love some advice.

Which ones do you have? What do you love about them, hate about them? I’m leaning toward the Kindle…but am open to any suggestions.

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  1. I have a kindle, like, a really old one now.

    It's my second one, actually, because something went wonky with the first (kept re-starting on its own), and Amazon replaced it for free (even though it was 6 months past the warrantee), AND they shipped it to a hotel in another country (for free) since I wasn't home for a couple weeks.

    They were awesome.

    Personally, the two best features that I care about are size (small enough to easily stuff in a bag/purse) and the e-ink with no backlight (or the option to turn the backlight off), otherwise my eyes get really tired, and since I have dyslexia, that severely ruins my ability to read ;)

  2. I currently have a kindle app on my netbook and love it. Someday I'll get a kindle. Right now I'm leaning towards the paperwhite kindle. I have several friends with Nooks, they like the nook but they say that if anything goes wrong their customer service is so horrible you will never get help or fix it. Again this isn't something I've experience but I've heard it from several sources.

  3. I have the Kindle Fire and can't recommend it enough! There's room for improvement, sure--I'd like to be able to change the battery myself when the time comes and use a memory card with it--but I'd still be lost without mine!

  4. The best course of action is go to a good bookshop and try out different e-readers. I have an ONYX with the touchscreen and I am moderately happy with it. The customer service is horrible though. If I was to replace it I suppose I would go for a Kindle paperwhite.

  5. I have the Kindle app on my Android tablet and love it. I do, however, recommend something that reads Kindle eBooks. There are more eBooks targeted to that device than any other. And if you have a device (such as an Android tablet) you won't be locked into a single eBook format.

  6. I have like the first nook ever made and I love it. It's not color and doesn't have cool game or movie watching capability, but for reading it's great. I do want to get a kindle fire eventually though. I am a bit nervous though because I know a lot of people who have had a lot of issues with theirs.

  7. At some point I'll have to get my mitts on a kindle.