Thursday, January 27, 2011

Books I Love – Fire by Kristin Cashore

So, Thursdays seem to be books I love day…here’s another one…

She is the last of her kind...

It is not a peaceful time in the Dells. In King City, the young King Nash is clinging to the throne, while rebel lords in the north and south build armies to unseat him. War is coming. And the mountains and forest are filled with spies and thieves. This is where Fire lives, a girl whose beauty is impossibly irresistible and who can control the minds of everyone around her.

I was a little late in coming to Graceling, but this prequel blows it out of the water. You actually don’t have to read the first book, as all the characters are different except for one. While this book sheds some light on Graceling, it is a story that works all on its own.

I really enjoyed the idea of a creature being so beautiful it is a curse. Although a lot of YA portrays the attractive main character clueless as to why all the hot guys like her, Fire (yes, that’s the name of the MC) knows exactly what her looks can do. She is the daughter of a monster and a human, making her a human monster. Men are drawn to her, and if she were more monster and less human, she could use that to her advantage and manipulate those around her. As it is, she is in danger every day, by over zealous men who are blinded by her beauty and only want to posses her.

The love triangle in this story is more of a love quadrangle. Although I’m not a huge romance fan, it works really well and is counterbalanced with a lot of intrigue and action. The story is exciting and allows Fire to shine, she is definitely not a one sided character.

A know this one was hyped up last year, anyone else read it?


  1. Oooh, a love quadrangle? I like the sound of that!!!

  2. I loved Fire even more than Graceling, too--the main character is just awesome. Great review!

  3. Haven't read it yet but it looks pretty darn good! Thanks for the rec!

  4. I liked Fire too, funny enough, I had the opposite reaction comparing it to Graceling though. I like Graceling more. *shrug* funny how to each his own is so relevant.

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  6. I love the idea that a female knows EXACTLY what she does to males. Sounds very interesting!

  7. I've read Fire, I love it too.

  8. I've read Fire and have Graceling in my queue. I loved the character of Archer - he's everything I like about a guy: fiery, heroic, flawed, obnoxious...


    I didn't really get the point of him fathering so many babies, tho. I get that it was in character for him to, um, get around - but I don't really get why the kids were necessary. That part just made me sad.


    (Seriously, if you haven't read the book, don't read this comment.)

    I think the babies made up for the fact that 1)Fire made sure she will never have children, and 2)Archer dies.

    I think maybe the reader is supposed to feel better about both of those things since there will be Archer's offspring in the world. I have to admit that I didn't like how the women (one was really a fifteen year old girl) had such lame excuses for why they ended up pregnant...they just couldn't be bothered taking the "herbs" to prevent it.

  10. I liked Fire, but a lot of the character's attitudes REALLY bugged me. I liked the plot of Graceling better, too. I know most people like Fire better, but I guess I'm in the minority. =)