Monday, July 22, 2013

ARC Spotlight – STARGLASS by Phoebe North


Terra has never known anything but life aboard the Asherah, a city-within-a-spaceship that left Earth five hundred years ago in search of refuge. At sixteen, working a job that doesn't interest her, and living with a grieving father who only notices her when he's yelling, Terra is sure that there has to be more to life than what she's got.

But when she inadvertently witnesses the captain's guard murdering an innocent man, Terra is suddenly thrust into the dark world beneath her ship's idyllic surface. As she's drawn into a secret rebellion determined to restore power to the people, Terra discovers that her choices may determine life or death for the people she cares most about. With mere months to go before landing on the long-promised planet, Terra has to make the decision of a lifetime--one that will determine the fate of her people.

Recommended for fans of: YA Sci-fi, Dystopian

I loved STARGLASS for so many reasons, so let me try to break them down here. J Firstly I love the feel of the book, that classic Sci-fi spaceship journey feel. I also love the dystopian aspect…you know something’s not quite right on the Starglass, and you can’t help but turn the pages to find out what that something is. You may think it’s just another ACROSS THE UNIVERSE, but it’s actually a fresh spin on the idea. North weaves action, familial issues, and social intrigue together to form an amazing book. I also love how North uses Jewish culture as her basis for the ships society, and her characters deal with tough issues, including coming to terms with their sexuality, as well as uncovering the truth aboard the Starglass. There’s also a bang up twist at the end, which will have you wishing for the sequel. I highly recommend this book for any YA sci-fi fans out there!

STARGLASS releases tomorrow, July 23rd!


  1. I've had this book in my TBR list for a long time, and I'm glad to hear that is not similar to Across The Stars. I really enjoyed ATC but I don't want to read something that would be too similar!

  2. From the brief summary, I can see some of those Jewish influences in the story. I haven't heard of this...

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