Monday, June 25, 2012

Woohoo, Book Two!

I'm working on the outline and first few chapters for book official title yet but just sketching the plot is super exciting.

The outline is going really well and I'm pulling through a lot of threads from book one. It's kind of strange to write the second book before the first one is out. I know that's how it's done, but next summer when In the After is released, I'll already be done with this next one. I also have to be careful to keep everything in line with the first book as well as introduce new material. Whew! I have my work cut out for me. J Good thing I love this stuff!

Anyone else working on a sequel? Or even a second short story in a series?

Back next week with another book I's a hint: It's a YA dystopian set in what used to be Chicago. Any guesses?


  1. Good to hear that your outline is progressing smoothly.

  2. After I got my agent recently, I was inspired to write the first three chapters of book 2. I also outlined the rest of book 2 and all of book 3! (And outlining ahead of time is rare for me.) Of course, all will be for naught if it doesn't sell, so I'm forcing myself to put the series aside and work on my other WIPs. It's nice to know what becomes of my characters at the very least. Good luck with your writing!

    It's on my to-read list, so I'm not sure, but Divergent?

  3. I'm working on book two right now. I put a lot of pressure on myself because I felt book two should be darker/scarier/badder/bigger, and therefore the first couple of chapters really sucked. I'm going back through now to just tell the story that needs to be told and trying not to the let the pressure get to me!

    Good luck on your book two!

  4. Have fun with it!

    I've just finished book one, which is in the hands of beta readers and edits. I've got book two in mind, and I've written a couple of brief early passages for book three, all in a series. Definitely not YA though.

  5. Congrats on your success so far! And thanks for your posts on finding an agent and deciding on one - neat to have insight on the process.

    Any chance you could give me some feedback on how you like working with Katie Boyle? She and Jennifer Skutelsky just offered me representation (I'm an MG writer, been at it for two years and eight books now). Any info would be much appreciated.

    I found you through the SCBWI site, in case you were wondering. Thanks!

    jeffchen1972 (at) gmail (dot) com