Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Waiting Game

You've emailed your query to several agents and now you’re sitting in front of your computer hitting refresh every ten seconds. First off, you need to relax. Agents can take as long as three months to respond, that’s why you don’t want to send out one query at a time.

The least amount of time it’s taken an agent to respond to me is three hours (with a rejection to my query) the most is three months (with a partial request after I’d already signed with an agent). For my current manuscript, it took me exactly one month to go through the whole process, from querying to agent. I’m not bragging, that was just my experience on this go around…I’ve queried before and received nothing but rejections, which I’ll talk about tomorrow.

If you thought writing a novel was hard, you’ll see it was a cake walk compared to what comes next. Believe me, I know how difficult it is to send your idea off and hope that someone is interested. The truth is, a lot of agents won’t even reply. That means that they’re are not interested. It’s common to ask for status on a partial or a full after a couple of months, but if they don’t respond to your query, don’t hound them.

My advice? Keep writing. Begin another book. Distract yourself until the replies come in.


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  2. The waiting game is definitely one of the more challenging parts of writing for publication. Great post!