Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Half Italian + Half Greek = All Crazy

So my name is a little odd, I'll admit.

Demitria is actually a fairly common Greek name, although I've seen it spelled Demetria more often than not. People sometimes drop the a and call me Demitri, which I'm pretty sure is Russian...and also masculine.

Lunetta is Italian and means little moon. I think this is also a first name, and sometime people think my name is Lunetta Demitria, instead of the other way around. Childhood was a little rough when everone else is named Sara or Lisa or Anne.

So what does being half Greek and half Italian get you? Well, I'm extrememly passionate, but I can't cook. I've been to Italy and hope to make it to Greece soon. And (Sorry to all you Greeks out there) I much prefer Italian food. There's something about roasting a whole goat that puts me off.

More (about writing) tomorrow!

1 comment:

  1. It doesn't sound weird to me.
    Then again I am Greek so..yeah! lol

    In Greek it should be "Demetra"=Δήμητρα
    It's my mother's name, too! ;)